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Having Issues With Your Car’s Clutch?

The clutch is a crucial component of your vehicle that requires continuous maintenance to ensure it works effectively and without any impediments. From wrong gear shifting to driving in traffic, there are numerous reasons the clutch can get damaged, and repairing it in due time ensures it does not affect any other component, adding to the repairs. Furthermore, using original parts to change the clutch assembly is pertinent to continue performing effortlessly on the roads. That is why it is necessary to always get any issue with the clutch inspected by a certified professional who can carry out the relevant repair and replacement with utmost precision. Even a single malfunctioning component in the clutch assembly can pose a severe problem and compromise your passenger's safety.

What are the symptoms of a clutch malfunction?

When the clutch starts to fail, the vehicle performance decreases, and it will begin to reflect while driving. Some of them include

  • Slipping clutch- A common symptom, the grip often disengages, allowing no power to be delivered to the car's wheels. It malfunctions due to the continuous tension and the roads that lead to premature wear and tear. It also depends on hot weather, when the transmission fluid turns hot and runs through the assembly. Also, it is highly advisable to get a clutch check after driving every 60,000 miles.

  • Difficulty selecting gears- The most obvious sign of a faulty clutch is when you face a pressing clutch pad. This means the engine cannot decouple from the transmissions fully, and the car becomes ineffectual in shifting gears. Leakage of fluid in the hydraulic system or fault in the transmission can also lead to shifting gears effectively.

  • Clutch Vibrates- The clutches shuddering while shifting gears is typically commonly due to the worn-out, damaged, or broken components of fault on the mountings. Sometimes, overloading your vehicle can also damage the spring, reducing the car's ability to absorb the vibrations and create problems in different components.

  • Double-shifting - Shifting gears harshly while driving on bumps and uneven roads hamper the clutch's performance and significantly damage the clutch assembly. Diving over speed brakes and patches without slowing the speed affects the grip and damages the shockers and springs attached to the wheel.

Different components which are inspected in Clutch Repair Redditch

The clutch assembly is a complex system that professionals should only examine. Some of the components include-

  • Flywheel – Attached to the crankshaft, the Flywheel connects the engine with the clutch cover assembly.

  • Clutch disc – The disk provides a connection between the clutch cover assembly and the flywheel.

  • Clutch cover assembly – The cover assembly is crucial to provide the pressure required for holding the clutch disc along with the flywheel.

  • Release bearing and fork – For successfully disengaging the clutch disc, the bearing transfers the movement of the fork and sends it towards the clutch cover along with the rotating diaphragm spring.

Why Get Clutch Repair Services in Regular Intervals?

  • Reduced expenses - Inspection in regular intervals can reveal any hidden problem with clutch assembly, which can be repaired or replaced before it leads to significant issues, resulting in costly future repairs.

  • Longevity - Maintenance of the Clutch assembly enhances your vehicle’s lifespan and lets you pass your annual MOT Redditch without any impediments.

  • Lower fuel consumption- Fully functioning Clutch assembly ensures smooth functioning of the engines, easy shifting of gears, and comfortable driving, all of which help decrease fuel consumption.

  • Performance: A smooth clutch assembly is conducive to increased vehicle performance, allowing you to maneuver over any road or terrain effectively.

  • Improved Safety: Reduce the chances of sudden breakdown and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere by getting your clutch fixed in regular intervals.

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